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Suspended Personnel Platforms
The Suspended Personnel Lifting Platform models has been designed and manufactured by the United States Crane, Inc. since 1988.  Over the past years United States Crane, Inc. has developed a range of standard size, custom size and capacity under the trade name SUPERCAGE  S – Series.

Direct Fixed Attached (DFA) Personnel Platforms
The Direct Fixed Attached model has been developed by the United States Crane, Inc. to respond to the needs of the industry segment.  The Direct Fixed Attachment (DFA) is available in a standard configuration or as a custom design.  In the standard configuration, the DFA is deigned for use as a Direct Fixed Attachment, a Suspended Platform or a Fork Lift Attachment.
Forklift Personnel Platforms
The Forklift Personnel Platform is manufactured by United States Crane, Inc. to add to the selection of quality products for the market.  The Forklift Personnel Platforms is available in a standard configuration or as a custom design





Suspended Non-Personnel Platforms
The Suspended Non-Personnel Platform is another selection offered by United States Crane, Inc.  Design to lift equipments, scraps and other materials.  The Suspended Non-Personnel Platform is available in standard configuration or as custom design.

See some pictures and videos of our SUPERCAGES in use.




General Product Information
Click here to see the basic specification of our products to give you a more brood view of what our company can achieve for you.






We offer 25 years of experience repairing, designing, reconditioning jibs & lattice, crane boom and hydraulic boom systems.
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Please note that we are offering a heavy duty Industrial quality platform.
We do not offer an economy model, as we do not believe in economizing on safety and human lives.

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