SuperCage™ Product Information

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SuperCage™ products can be ordered in any size or shape to meet your specific applications. We also manufacture non-personnel, medical evacuation, and welding equipment SuperCages™. Ask about our SuperCage™ DFA (Direct Fixed Attached) Personnel Platforms (cages) which attach directly to the end of the boom on most cranes. DFA models do not require a bridle assembly.

All SuperCage™ products were designed to incorporate the following as standard equipment:

  • Removable components for easy maintenance and repairs
  • Construction — high strength steel square tubing
  • Door — inward swing, self-closing, self-latching (with outward stop plate)
  • Grab-rail on entire inside perimeter
  • Anchors for personnel safety belts or body harness
  • Toe plate — (entire inside perimeter)
  • Expanded metal from floor deck to top of midrail
  • Floor — non-slip material
  • Exterior pad eyes for anchoring and tagline use
  • Eight (8) upper reinforcing gussets at bail area (for added strength)
  • Special warning decals and permanent metal ID plate
  • Painted with high durability, safety yellow
  • Operating manual furnished
  • Video for safe operation

Supercage products are designed, engineered, manufactured, and certified to meet or exceed all existing Federal and State codes, ASME B30.23, LATEST REV., Title 29 CFR Part 1926.1431, Crane and Derrick Suspended Personnel Platform. Inspection, load-testing and certification documents furnished.


CAUTION: Platforms are to be used
only in compliance with federal rules
and regulations.