Forklift Personnel Platforms (FL Series)





  • Designed to meet or exceed OSHA 29 CFR Part 1926.550(g), ANSI B 30.23, and ANSI 56.1
  • Dimensions: A" x B" x 44"/63" (The back has a 63" height for code required mast protection)
  • Heavy Duty Industrial Platform, Solid Construction – No Assembly Required.
  • High strength, square-tubing design with reinforced construction.
  • Sides enclosed with expanded metal to the guardrail.
  • 6" Steel continuous toe plate.
  • Access door - Inward Swinging; Self-Closing; Self Latching.
  • Floor - Non slip diamond plate.
  • Guardrail system meets OSHA 29CFR Part 1926.502 Sub part M.
  • Grab Rail on entire inside perimeter.
  • Anchors for Personnel Body Harness per OSHA 29CFR 1926.104 Sub part b.
  • Safety warning decals and permanent metal ID plate.
  • Finish - Highly Durable, Safety Yellow Paint.
  • AWS D14.1 certified welding procedures.
  • Each SUPERCAGE is Load Tested.
  • Inspection and Load Test Certification supplied.
  • Safety Video and Operators Manual supplied.
  • One Year Warranty.
  • Fully Covered by Product Liability Insurance.


Available Options:

  1.  Rubber Bumpers
  2.  Tool / Storage Shelf
  3.  Four Ball Bearing Heavy Duty Swivel Casters


(Weight in Lbs)

FL-Series Specifications